Frank Parker Testimonial

The following is the testimonial of Frank Parker, one of our recent patients at Samaritan Dental.

frankHello to Any and All Who are dubious about getting their dental work done in Mexico:

Samaritan has made my dream come true. For years, the only thing I asked God for was a decent smile. Samaritan gave me the PERFECT smile instead. So God answered my prayers with a bonus!

First of all I’d like to thank the staff at Samaritan for their incredibly friendly and welcoming attitude. The first thing I was worried about with starting this long process was the embarrassment of opening up my messed up mouth and allowing a dentist, whose profession is obviously grounded on the principles of great dental hygiene, to look inside. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Not only was the staff non-judgmental, but they, (including the dental assistants), took a genuine interest in me as a person as well as a patient. I felt as though the entire staff was not there just to make money, but because they truly enjoyed helping people enrich their lives by improving self confidence. They are all dedicated to using their tremendous skills to improve the quality of life in others. They actually CARED about ME, personally! Ive never felt so comfortable in such what SHOULD have been an uncomfortable situation.

I want the world to know that I will forever be a walking advertisement for Samaritan in Tijuana, Mexico. I can’t even begin to explain the impact that their professional service and standards of personal care and accountability have had on my life. My experience at Samaritan has been absolutely wonderful. As crazy as it sounds, I may actually MISS going to Mexico to visit my latest ‘Extended Family’ at Samaritan. They seriously took care of me not only as a patient, but took me under their wing as only those who actually care about my personal well-being could. It literally was a positive experience for me not only because of the incredible transformation they caused in my mouth, but as well for the peace of mind I felt while under their care.

For example, the first trip I took down to San Diego for my very first appointment was awesome! No joke! I flew into San Diego on a Saturday evening and made arrangements with Jim to pick me up Sunday afternoon for a quick tour to Samaritan in Tijuana. Jim picked me up AT THE BORDER (yeah, they actually come pick you up!), and shuttled me directly to the dental office where (this was a Sunday, mind you) he actually called the root canal specialist into the office because he saw I was in so much pain. This specialist, Dr. Gaston was freaking AMAZING! The guy comes in on a Sunday, as a personal favor to Jim and performs 19 root canals on me in UNDER 6 hours!!! Now, that gives everybody who will read this testimonial a small idea of the seemingly insurmountable task that I was about to ask Samaritan to undertake. Now I believe Jim saw the pain I was in, and gauged just how much work on my mouth was needed and wanted to get a head start on the process ASAP. Granted I know that I just happened to be lucky that day that Dr. Gaston was willing to come in on such short notice on his day off, but I cant even begin to describe the elation I felt that night in the hotel room as I stuffed my mouth full of ice for the first time in 8 YEARS and had ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN….FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 8 YEARS!!!

At that time, my teeth looked like I chewed rocks and glass on a daily basis due to my legitimately failing at maintaining good dental hygiene throughout the past 10 years. A few bar fights, fillings getting knocked out, being poor, and not having good dental insurance also contributed to the horrible, freakishly disgusting and painful disaster in my mouth. I lived with constant, hourly pain in my mouth for over 8 years as I watched my teeth rot and decay. Brushing my teeth hurt. Eating hurt. Flossing was out of the question. Drinking anything other than lukewarm water hurt. Sugar hurt. Anything cold was literally excruciatingly painful, insomuch as I gave up all cold sodas, ice cream, and even cold water for a time. To be honest, life was pretty miserable on a daily basis for me and living with that type of pain began to affect my work. I was unable to enter into my customers homes at times because instead of getting out and walking up to the front door when I arrived at someone’s house, I’d have to sit in my truck in such excessive pain that I had to pop 4 Advil’s and wait for them to start kicking in before I could even resume my work. So being able to drink a mouthful of cold water and suck on ice for the first time since high school was pretty amazing. I thank God everyday that I chose Samaritan. They have changed my life.

Dr. Javier, the young dentist who did all of the cosmetic repairs to my teeth including drilling out decayed portions of my teeth and then prepping them for crowns, is a freaking MASTER of his craft. I mean this guy is only 4 years older than me, but literally took EVERY tooth as a priority. He spent hours upon hours, day by day, working on every single tooth in my mouth, giving each one every minute of attention needed to properly repair the damage and ultimately completely transform my hideous, wicked-looking grin into the absolutely beautiful, celebrity-like, white smile Ive been dreaming of for the the past 10 years.

Before Samaritan, I subconsciously covered my face when I laughed, never smiled in front of a pretty girl, and avoided going on dates with chicks I met due to the fact that I knew that at some point they’d realize, in abject horror, the decaying state of my mouth. Now I walk around grinning like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and make sure EVERY pretty girl sees my smile. I get compliments ALL THE TIME on my smile from customers, and my friends all think I have dentures because my teeth look so perfect now. There is one problem that has occurred due to Samaritan though: I keep getting numbers from girls, or from friends of girls I meet…like today, here at the San Diego Airport, some chick sent her friend/coworker over to ask for MY number after I bought something at her store. Her friend told me that she thought I was so pleasant, handsome, AND had a beautiful smile…..ME???? A beautiful smile?! Never thought the day would come I’d hear that, seriously. And as for being handsome, I figure it’s like before I was a BMW M3 with Kmart spinners….the bad ass car with ghetto rims…aka the handsome guy until I opened my mouth.

With a beautiful smile to compliment my face, it’s made the world of a difference! So Samaritan has not only improved my smile, but their excellent care and efforts have resulted in affecting my personal life in a positive way I never believed possible. Before Samaritan, I had given up hope of ever finding Love, not for lack of opportunity, but because I wouldn’t ALLOW myself to get close to someone for fear of my smile scaring her away. Now, with my big mouth grinning all the time, my future is filled with hope again, and a new appreciation for life and what it can offer me. I no longer spend my days wishing I could smile whenever I want to, I now smile ALL THE TIME!

Thanks and blessings to the entire staff at Samaritan,
Sincerely your friend,

Frank Parker

PS. I forgot to mention a SMALL reason I chose Samaritan, ha ha——Their prices are 1/3 the cost it would be in the USA, and 50% the cost of other dental clinics in Tijuana! Trust me, I did my research (for about 5 months) before choosing Samaritan due to the huge investment I was prepared to put into this process. So get a hold of Jim; he’s American, bilingual, and one of the most generous guys you will ever meet, and better yet, he lives in Mexico and will take you out to the best spots for lunch just because he’s that kind of guy.

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