Jeanie Testimonial

jeanieAs you can see in the before and after photos, Jeanie’s mouth was a mess when she came to our clinic, Samaritan in Tijuana.

Besides missing two front upper teeth, you can see that the lower front teeth had shifted around, and were misshaped and discolored. Our skilled Mexican dentist, Dr. Arcelia Jimenez, placed a six unit bridge on the upper front teeth, and 8 lower crowns. This re-established her beautiful smile.
Because of the lack of space in her bite, it was not possible to give Jeanie the nicer all porcelain e-max crowns, and what you see are just standard porcelain crowns and bridge. However, the work turned out beautiful. This is an example of how good even the standard porcelain can look. Of course the e.max and Empress all porcelain crowns look even nicer.

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