Testimonial of Chris O

Samaritan of Chris O. of Orlando, FL

Chris went to a local dentist to get an evaluation. The area dentist estimated the price to fix his mouth would have been $26,000, which was not possible. When Chris found out about Samaritan Dental and saw the price list, he booked a flight to San Diego. Round trip airfare was $240. His total expenses for the trip were a little over $600. His total bill, for the same dental work in Tijuana, was only $3200. Chris saved over $22,000 on that one trip. He said the trip to the dentist in Tijuana was wonderful, like he was on a vacation. Chris says Dr. Javier at Samaritan Dental Tijuana was the most compassionate and caring dentist ever, and the work was very satisfactory. Chris has found his Tijuana dentist, and he won’t go anywhere else in the future!

This is why so many people are taking a look at dental tourism in Mexico. Dental and medical costs have gone through the roof in the US, and people just can’t afford it. When they find how they can go to a Mexico dentist in Tijuana and save thousands of dollars on top dental care, their curiosity is certainly piqued. Samaritan Dental in Tijuana can help you plan everything on your trip for dental tourism in Mexico. Tijuana dentist do quality dental work, at a fraction of the price.

Quality Tijuana dentistry at 1/4 the price of dental treatments of San Diego Dentists or Los Angeles dentists.

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