Testimonial of Gary M

Samaritan of Gary M. from Lakeland, FL

Gary had a partial made that was never very comfortable and which he always took out and put in his front pocket when no one was looking. To get a permanent, 6 unit bridge to fill in the front teeth, and do away with the partial, in the USA they wanted over $6,000. Samaritan Dental in Tijuana would do it for $1,650. His total expense for the trip, including airfare, hotel and food, was $650, so with the new teeth, it came to under $2,300. That is a savings of nearly $3,800, plus he got a real nice vacation, and stayed just a couple of blocks from the beach.

Mexico Dental tourism has become a growing trend in the United States. The case of Gary is not uncommon. The costs of dental care has increased to the point that people simply can’t afford to take care of themselves. Mexico dentists in Tijuana have filled a niche that has been the answer for many people who had dental problems, and didn’t have a lost of money. You can go to a Tijuana dentist for just a fraction of what it would cost north of the border. The cost of a root canal is 1/4. The cost of a porcelain dental crown is 1/5 the price that a US dentist would charge. Tijuana dentists are highly trained, and do wonderful work. Dental tourism Mexico may be your solution too.

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