2010 promises to be a good year for Tijuana dentistry

The economy seems to be picking up, and many people are starting to think about getting their smile fixed. Samaritan Dental offers several package deals, including airport pickup, and hotel accommodations. Check out the link above that says “Smile Makeovers”. Although we can do veneers, the packages refer to the price of all porcelain, metal free crowns. The price of veneers and all porcelain crowns are the same, unless you decide you want the name brand Lumineers. The truth is, “Lumineers”, are not the best veneers. The lab recommends the e.max veneers or crowns, because they are of a harder material, and more resistant to chipping. However, we recommend crowns over veneers, because veneers are subject to coming loose if you bite down wrong. In any case, there are some really good deals listed on the Smile Makeover page.

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