Where to stay while visiting your Tijuana dentist

Lodging: Because of the rise of Dental Tourism in Mexico, we want to give information to help you know where to stay while visiting your Tijuana dentist. When you go to the dentist in Mexico, particularly at Samaritan Dental, your dentist in Tijuana, it is good to know that there are some good options for hotels. If convenience is a priority, We recommend Hotel Villa de Zaragoza, which is located just a little more than two blocks from Samaritan Dental clinic. If you want to be able to walk easily to your Tijuana dentists, this hotel is perfect. Also, it has a decent restaurant on site. When we go to the dentist in Mexico, I love to eat Mexican food. The hotel serves a good breakfast, and you can eat in the dining room later in the day or evening. This hotel is not fancy, but it has new furnishings, and is inexpensive. When one goes to the dentist in Tijuana, Mexico, even though the prices of Mexican dentistry is low cost, one still has to think about their budget. This hotel only costs $43 per night and that includes taxes. Click here for more information on hotels.