Cosmetic Crowns on your front teeth

There are different types of materials used to make crowns, each with its own benefits as well as limitations. When patients come into the clinic in need of crowns on their front teeth, we generally recommend porcelain/ceramic crowns, rather than standard PFM, (porcelain fused to metal). Although we can make the PFM crowns to look good, with no metal edge showing, the porcelain/ceramic crowns are very much their luminesance. They look totally natural, except that they are perfect in shape! There are different processes to make ceramic crowns. There is the Empress crowns and veneers, which are very beautiful. 

There is also the e.max crowns and veneers, which are also very pretty. Between the two, we prefer the e.max. Although the Empress perhaps holds a slight edge in better luminesance, it is very slight. However, the e.max are by far a much harder material, and are much more resistant to chipping. In fact, when it comes to veneers, it is hands down, e.max is the best. Lumineers is a name brand of veneer that is highly advertised, and is therefore much more expensive, (even in Mexico). But the e.max is much better than the Lumineers. Lumineers are very comparable to Empress in appearance, luminescence, and durability. The main difference is that Lumineers cost $535 each, while we can do Empress for as low as $350. 

However, e.max costs the same as Empress, and is much more durable. e.max veneers and crowns cost $350 each, when getting 3 or more.

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