Dental Tourism in Mexico

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The best destination for a Dental Vacation in Mexico!
Get the best dental care, and low prices.

Why not combine pleasure with business?
With a Mexican Dental Vacations in Tijuana, you can do both!

We have a full service dental clinic and top quality dentists in Tijuana, that can take care of your every need. We can do dental crowns and bridges, root canals, dental implants, dentures, oral surgery, and general dentistry. We use US manufactured materials, and will guarantee our work. Most of our patients come from the US, so our Mexican dentists must speak adequate English. Our patient coordinator grew up in the US, so he is speaks flawless English, and can answer your every question. Please click on the above links to find our price lists, and more information about us.

Dental Tourism at Tijuana

We have a great Mexico dental clinic in Tijuana called Samaritan Dental. The main advantage with dental tourism in Tijuana, is the ease of access to the US. For those who live in Los Angeles, or San Diego, it is a short drive. For those who are taking a dental vacation from out of state, the cost of airfare to San Diego is inexpensive from anywhere in the US. We are prepared to help you with arranging hotel reservations and transportation.This is a great place for a dental vacation. We are located just 30 minutes from the beach resort area of Rosarito Beach, and many of our patients choose to stay there. Also, in Tijuana there are many hotels at very reasonable rates. The staff at Samaritan Dental can facilitate a time of rest & relaxation between your visits to the clinic. If you stay in Rosarito, you can go to the beach between dental appointments. It is a nice area, very peaceful, and scenic. It is very safe and is close enough to be convenient for your dental work in Tijuana.

Dental Tourism in Mexico, means you can actually “Enjoy going to the dentist!”. The folks in our office would be happy to give you advice and even help set things up for you.

Rosarito beach
Playas de Tijuana
Beach near Sam Dental Tijuana