Dental Tourism Mexico, A way to save during the recession

Samaritan Dental offers low cost dentistry in Tijuana. Mexico dentists who have cheap prices for dental work, root canals, crowns and dentures.

Getting Dental work done in Mexico is one way to help your budget during this recession. Dental Tourism in Mexico has been the answer for many people. Samaritan Dental helps people like you everyday to get great dental care at a fraction of the price. Tijuana dentists are very good at the work they do.

Many people are finding money is getting scarce, jobs are being cut, and salaries are being reduced. Many employers have dropped the dental care benefits from their employee’s compensation packages. But dental treatments can be put off for only so long before you start loosing your teeth! Is there a solution? Yes! I have not had dental insurance for many years, I have resisted paying the outlandish sums that dentists in the USA want to charge by simply going to Mexico. I found that airfares to San Diego are cheaper than to any other border city, so I looked for and found an excellent dental clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. I have found that the quality was even better than some of the dental work I’ve had done in the USA, but the main thing is the price. For example, the average price for porcelain crown in the USA in over $850. In Tijuana, my dentist only charges $255. A root canal can cost over $1000 in the USA, but my dentist only charges $235. Overall, one can expect to save between 65% to 80%, sometimes even more, when compared to the prices charged in the USA. Of course one has the added expenses of flying or driving to Tijuana, and staying in a hotel, but when compared to the savings, the travel expenses are minimal. Especially if one needs to do a lot of dental work, going to Mexico is the solution! I have done this for years, and would never consider going to a local dentist unless it was for just a minimal procedure.

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