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Answers About Dental treatment in Mexico

How can dental care in Mexico cost so much less?

The Mexico Dentists in Tijuana, (dentista en Tijuana), today are very well trained, and are equally as competent as their American counterparts, offering dental care at a significant savings. Many of them have had training for specializations in the United States. They use modern techniques and have modern equipment.

Overall costs of University Training are much less expensive for a dentist in Mexico, the costs of doing business is much cheaper, and because the cost of living is much lower, a Mexican Dentist can charge you a whole lot less and still make a descent profit. For a Mexico dentist in Tijuana, the normal charge is from 60% to 75% less than the amount that you would pay for a similar treatment in the USA. It just seems logical to go to a Tijuana dentist, the dentists in Mexico where you can save thousands of dollars.

What are the documents required? Do I need a US Passport?

Officially, the documents required for re-entry into the USA when walking across the Mexico border back into the US, is a US passport. However, the practice of US Customs is a little different. The implementation of the new US policy that started June 1, 2009 is lagging. There are thousands of US Citizens every week who are still allowed to cross back into the US by presenting their birth certificate and drivers license. We have already had a large number of patients who have crossed with just a US birth certificate and drivers license. In most cases, they were waved through without anything being said. When the Customs agents said anything, they simply asked our patients if they knew how to apply for a passport. Documents required? Currently, they are NOT making the lack of a passport an issue for crossing the Mexico border. Please click here to read a letter from a patient about his border crossing experience.

(We have inquired in US Customs and were assured that although they will be asking for your passport, you will still be able to re-enter the USA as long as you have your drivers license and proof of citizenship. One official admitted that “There is no way that a US citizen will be denied re-entry”. However, however, they may delay you a little as they check you out and confirm your identity).

Steps to getting a US Passport

The required documents for re-entry at the Mexico border is a US passport. If you haven’t got a US passport, you can apply for one with expedited service and get it in 2 weeks. Cost for a passport is $75, Execution fee is $25, and expedited service is $60. If you need it quicker, you can go to a regional office listed on the government website: passport information

1. Get two official passport photos. You can do it at a Walgreen’s Pharmacy for $8, or at some US Post Offices for $15.

2. Fill out application form DS-11. The government website is self explanatory. Fill out the form on line and print it out.

3. Find the nearest Passport Acceptance Facility and take them your application, photos and fees. The cost will be $160, and you should get your passport in your hand in under 2 1/2 weeks.

How do I to get to Samaritan Dental from San Diego airport?

If you can get to the Mexico border, we will pick you up! We offer free shuttle service from the border to our clinic. For details on getting to the border, please click on this link: From San Diego Airport to the Mexican border. If you want to be picked up at the San Diego Airport, we can arrange that for $60.

How Safe is it in Tijuana?

The reports in the news about violence in Tijuana are exaggerated and don’t give the proper perspective. The press spins things in a manner designed to grab the attention of their audience, and don’t present the whole story. Lately, there has been a lot of negative publicity on T.V. about violence in Tijuana. Many people call us to ask our opinion about safety. In our opinion, it is definitely SAFE in Tijuana, and we take every reasonable precaution to help Americans going to Mexico for dental care. Don’t wait to take care of your teeth, come on down to Tijuana for dental care in Mexico!

Below, we want to address this question.

1. Although you hear a lot of negatives from U.S. reporters, those of us who live and work in Tijuana know that the real situation is exaggerated. Yes there has been violence in Tijuana, but there is violence in major U.S. Cities too. It’s just that the gang violence, and drug related violence in the U.S. is common place.

2. The tensions and violence in Tijuana have eased and right now in 2009 things are much better than last year. It may not be reported on, but the truth is, things have much more peaceful for the past year.

3. The targets of the violence in Tijuana are not Americans. The Americans going to Mexico for dental care have never had any problems. The drug cartels have been fighting EACH OTHER. If you aren’t hanging out in the kind of places that gang members hang out in, you are not in danger..

4. If you use common sense, you will stay away from the kind of places that are dangerous. Don’t go out night clubbing, and don’t frequent the areas where the hookers and drugies hang out!!

5. Samaritan Dental Dentist Tijuana is in the part of down town, far from where any crime goes on!! We are in a quiet business section, where things are much safe.

The video clip below, is from a pastor who brings groups of people to Tijuana every year. He has some good insights as to safety issues in Tijuana.

Tips for Traveling Safely from your dentists in Tijuana

1. When coming to the dentists in Mexico for treatment, be discrete. Never flash a lot of money. Keep the majority of the cash you bring for Dental treatment hidden in a front pocket that you can zip or button down. You can also bring travelers checks to pay for your treatment at your Mexico dentists Just keep a limited amount of cash in your wallet. Also keep your passport, drivers license, and credit card hidden in another front pocket. It would be good to keep those documents together with a rubber band or a money clip. Also, don’t bring all your credit cards with you, just bring one or two, that way if you loose it, you will know which one to report lost.

2. Walk over and take a Taxi to your dentists in Tijuana, rather than drive over. Unless you are planning to stay for several days, and would like to site see, it takes a lot of stress off to not to have to keep an eye on your car, or to have to maneuver in Mexico traffic. I always hate been stuck in the long line to cross back into the USA. It is liberating to just leave the car parked in the USA and let a taxi take you to your dental appointment. If you do drive over, NEVER leave valuables, like your camera or purse, in plain site in the car seat. If you do, you might be inviting a break in. That is not just true in Mexico! Also, if you drive in, make sure you keep your vehicle locked, and ALWAYS put a manual locking device, like the “Club”, on your steering wheel. At Samaritan Dental in Tijuana, they have off street parking that is secure, but it is still a good idea to use a locking device.

3. When you come to your dentists in Tijuana, dentista en Tijuana, keep your night life to a minimum If you are concerned about safety, remember that not only in Tijuana, but in L.A. as well, most crimes are committed late at night. Common sense is a must!

“I enjoy traveling in Mexico, and I love the atmosphere and culture. Aside from the tremendous savings I have experienced getting dental and medical procedures done, I have love it in Mexico, and I plan on retiring there in a few years. I feel that it is very safe to go to a Tijuana dentist. But, the truth is, just like in any large metropolis in the USA, it pays to be cautious and vigilant. You will have a good experience, just like the 10’s of thousands of people who cross the border every day without incident. Don’t be fearful, just keep your eyes open, and you’ll be fine”.

Testimonial of Jim

Many times I am asked: “But isn’t dangerous to go to a dentist in Tijuana?” To imply that it is dangerous for everybody who crosses the border is wrong. Thousands of people cross over the border from the USA to see a dentist in Tijuana every week without incident. I feel that I am much, much safer in Tijuana than in several neighborhoods in Los Angeles where I would certainly be the target of gang activity. I actually enjoy the laid back atmosphere in Tijuana, I love the food, and appreciate the culture. That is why I go to the dentist in Mexico there. Recently I heard of some folks that went night clubbing in Tijuana, and they were found killed. But if you dig a little you will find that people every week are killed in Los Angeles, or New York, or Chicago, who were out running around in the bars and night clubs. The truth is, these people were in places that it is dangerous to frequent, whether it be in Tijuana or any major USA metropolitan city. The immediate reaction and impression given by the media gives a false impression. They should be warning, “don’t go to the night clubs and run with the party, drug happy crowd anywhere!”

Dennis from N.C. says: “I am very happy with the work done at Samaritan Dental, my Tijuana Dentist!

049My name is Dennis. I came looking for a dentist in Mexico, a good Tijuana dentist. So, I just walked across the border and went into the first Tijuana dentist office I found. I already had an evaluation from my USA dentist and so I knew approximately what needed to be done. This made me suspicious of the first Mexican dentist when he told me that several needed several procedures that the USA dentist didn’t mention. I decided to look for a different dentist and so I researched a little more on the Internet first, and came across the website of Samaritan Dental, a dentist in Tijuana. The guy who talked to me on the phone was an American and he seemed to be very knowledgeable, which made me feel more at ease. Dr. Araceli’s examination indicated that the first Mexico dentist was not being honest when he recommended several root canals that weren’t necessary. At Samaritan Dental, the Tijuana dentists, fixed me up, did great work, and didn’t try to gouge me. The price they charged for the work was 1/4 of what my USA dentist wanted to charge, and it was 1/2 of what the other Mexican dentist wanted to charge. I found that at Samaritan Dental Tijuana they had skilled dentists, and a lot of integrity. Now I found true dental Mexico care. They are my Tijuana dentists forever!

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