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Why Choose Samaritan Dental Network in Tijuana?

We are part of the Dr Mexico Group. Our owner has helped to bring over 15,000 patients to Tijuana over the past 8 years, and has a lot of experience in taking care of US patients for both dental and medical treatments.

1. We take pride as honest professionals. Because of our commitment to you! Your trust is important to us. Some people are afraid of being taken advantage of in Mexico. They have heard of dentists who do work that is uncalled for, just to run up the bill. The truth is, this practice often happens on both sides of the border. Unlike some clinics, we will never try to convince you to do unnecessary procedures. We will not take advantage of you! We will give you an honest evaluation and competitive prices for our dental work.

2. Accessibility: Tijuana is right next to San Diego, CA. It is very accessible from all over the US. Medical-dental tourism has become very popular in the past several years as people are looking for savings. It makes sense to go somewhere close. You can travel here at a low cost, and have in a short flight time.

3. Quality care: Mexico Dentistry is top rate. Our Mexican dentists are very well trained, and have a lot of experience with American patients. 99% of our patients come from the USA. In our clinic, we have the goal of providing high quality care, at a fraction of the cost. We have the reputation of excellent cosmetic dentistry.

4. Certification. All of our dentists are licensed and board certified to practice in Tijuana. We only use board certified endodontist specialists to do root canals, and our implantologist is one of the best in the city. Our clinic has become a popular location for those seeking treatments outside the US.

5. We guarantee our work. Above all other reasons to choose Samaritan is because of our guarantee! If you have problems because of workmanship or materials, we will fix it here at no cost to you.

The Economic Solution: Dentistry in Tijuana

Are you looking for quality dental work at a price you can afford? Samaritan is a great choice for dental tourism. Located next door to San Diego, and near Los Angeles, CA. We have top dentists, are near nice hotels, and not too far from the beach! One additional benefit that other clinics do not have, our Patient Coordinator, Ceci, was raised in San Diego, and speaks English fluently. She understands your needs, and will do everything to make your stay a good experience.

Is it safe in Tijuana and Baja California? Yes, you are safer here than in many US cities!!

Don’t let exaggerations and rumors alarm you. Tourists are not in any extraordinary dangers. Tijuana is not like Juarez nor like the Texas border. Things are fine here. The government in Tijuana has things very much under control. Most patients tell us that they feel safer here than in many large US cities. In the nearly five years that Samaritan has been operating, there have been several thousand of patients who have come here for treatment, and no one has ever reported that they have ever felt in danger. We will pick you up at the San Diego/Tijuana border, and transport you to and from your hotel, doing everything we can to take care of you. Everyone who has come to our clinic has been surprised at how laid back things are in the city. We want you to feel at ease and to enjoy your trip to Mexico.


tijuana safe
tijuana safe

Samaritan is your choice for low cost, high quality dental work

We are located right next to San Diego, California just on the Mexican side of the US/Mexico border. Offering great services, a modern facility, friendly, courteous staff and one of the best reputations for high quality dental work, Samaritan is fast becoming the place to have all of your dental needs taken care of, whether you live in San Diego or any part of the US, we can save you a great deal of money while providing the best dental services you can find anywhere.

When you consider the high prices of many dental procedures in the US, it’s no wonder that more people are looking for dental clinics in other parts of the world to have their needs taken care of without having their pocketbook emptied. Samaritan offers all the top quality dental services you need often at 1/3rd to 1/4th the amount for dental work in the US and sometimes even much lower than that. All of the expected procedures from filling cavities, bridges, crowns, dental implants, dentures, root canals and much, much more are accomplished by highly qualified dentist for a surprisingly low price.

Why Should You Choose Samaritan?
For many people who have not thought of getting their dental care in another country, you should consider the advantages beyond just the low cost of the services themselves. One of the most important is what is fast becoming known as “Dental Tourism”. This is where you combine your dental visit with your vacation to take advantage of the many offerings that our location offers. There are many tourist attractions that will entertain you and your family while on your stay, plus by combining your dental visit with your vacation plans you effectively kill two birds with one stone and do so at a much lower cost than had you received your dental services in the US.

Our Written Guarantee of Dental Work:
We guarantee our workmanship and materials, and will fix any work here in our clinic. We will make things right, and stand behind our dental work. This guarantee covers defects in the materials that become evident later on, and any problems that might result, like a crown coming off, a crown or a denture that might need adjustment, or a procedure that wasn’t done properly and must be repeated. We will not charge extra for work that is under guarantee.

*Our guarantee cannot cover problems that have developed because of an injury, the patient’s poor hygiene, hereditary problems, diseases, or results of other outside factors.

**We understand that there is a certain amount of inconvenience and expense in traveling back to Tijuana, to fix a problem under guarantee, but we assume the patient has factored that in, when they chose the savings available for dental work in Tijuana, and they made the choice to come here for dental work. We therefore will not reimburse travel or hotel expenses, if you need to return for work under guarantee.

***If a patient, after dental work is cemented in place, later decides that they want a different color or crown length, they will be charged 1/2 the price of the crowns, to cover the extra costs and lab fees.

Why Shouldn’t I Visit Another Country for my Dental Needs?
An excellent question as other parts of the world also offer high quality services at prices that are generally lower than those found in the US. The simple answer is that Tijuana, Mexico is generally one of the cheaper places outside the US to visit. With low cost airfare and easy access from San Diego, California your trip will cost far less than if you decided to receive services in other places such as Thailand for example, which can cost thousands of dollars just in travel alone.

Now that you are thinking about visiting Samaritan, there are several reasons why you should make this your next trip to the dentist.

Low Cost: We admit that offering high quality dental services at a fraction of the cost compared to our US counterparts is probably the number one reason most people visit our clinic and we are proud of that fact. From exams and evaluations which are free to having complicated dental implant surgery performed, you will find our prices to be generally 1/3rd to 1/4th the price of comparative services in the US, if not even lower for some of our treatments.

Let’s take a typical example of how Samaritan can save you money. Let’s say that you are in need of a new filling. Going to your US dentist for a single surface white composite filling generally will cost you almost $200 on average, depending on where you live, and the dentist that performs the service. At Samaritan that exact same procedure using the same white composite filling is only $45, that’s a savings of over $190 compared to the US dentist.

Across the board, our prices are a mere fraction of what they charge in the US, depending on what procedures you need to have performed the money you save will sometimes be far more than what it costs to fly, stay at a hotel and enjoy some of the wonderful tourist attractions in our country than what you will spend at your US dental office.

Location: Samaritan is located just across the border San Diego. For residents of Southern California, you can easily drive to our facility or take an inexpensive flight to our international airport. Not only are we close by, we also are in the heart of one of the most popular tourist locations in Mexico, offering great vacation attractions for families also at a very low cost.

This is where the “dental tourism” industry has flourished because you can spend the beginning of your vacation having your dental needs met and then enjoy yourself for the rest of the week or longer often for less money that the same procedure would cost you in the US. Or you can simply fly in during the morning, have the procedure done and fly back home, it’s your choice at Samaritan.

Procedures: Samaritan offers a wide array of dental procedures that are the equivalent of what you would find at a typical dental clinic in the US. We use advanced equipment in a modern, clean facility that is here to meet your needs.

Evaluations and Exams: At US dental clinics, they often charge more than $100 just for a simple exam and evaluation of your dental needs. At Samaritan, we do all of that for free. That’s right, no charge and it’s often combined with your other dental services as well so we can catch potential issues before they become big problems.

Cleaning & Whitening: These very common dental procedures are done for a mere fraction of what they cost in the US.

Fillings: Durable and nearly invisible white composite fillings are what we use at Samaritan.

Root Canals: Root canals are a very common procedure that we offer at a substantially lower cost than you would find in the US. We only use board certified root canal specialists, (Endodontists), for this treatment. dentists without specialized training do not do root canals at our clinic.

Crowns: From porcelain crowns that include a standard finish, E Max Crowns, Veneers and the newly popular Zirconium ceramic crowns are offered at Samaritan. We will also clean and lengthen your current crowns as well.

Extractions: Whether you have a tooth that is simply beyond saving or your wisdom teeth are coming in, we can extract them for a fraction of the cost that you will find in US clinics. Whether your wisdom teeth have surfaced or they are fully impacted, we have the equipment and expertise to remove them safely.

Dentures: Full or partials, we provide all the denture choices from the temporary flipper types to metal frames to flexible partials. What you need is what we have at Samaritan.

Dental Implants: The best in high quality implants, including abutments, for less than a third of what US dentists charge. Our implant dentist is one of the best you could find anywhere.

Samaritan offers more than just plenty of services at low prices, there are several other reasons you should visit our clinic.

The dentists at Samaritan are some of the best, most qualified around. Plus, our modern facility has advanced dental equipment to help take care of all of your needs. Throw in a caring, friendly staff that will answer your questions and you have a complete dental facility on par with many that are in the US.

We take the time to fully explain our procedures that will be used and inform you of all the options as well. Unlike many dentists in the US who schedule procedures that you many not want nor need, we believe in fully informing you about the benefits as well as disadvantages of waiting on having certain procedure performed. But the choice is ultimately yours. This allows us to reduce our costs and you to save more money.

Our clean, modernized dental facility features advanced dental equipment to insure that you get the best treatment possible.

At Samaritan we back all of our dental work with a 100% guarantee. We understand that our customers are our best salespersons when it comes to the quality of what we do. With that understanding, if something should not turn out right or our procedure not fully complete or correct we will fix it for free. After all, what good is any dentist if they don’t back up their work? Our highly qualified team rarely makes mistakes or fails to achieve what they set out to do, but as human being we understand that despite our best efforts on rare occasions additional work may need to be done to correct a problem or mistake that has been made.

Samaritan represents what is best about having your dental procedures done in a professional manner, backed by a guarantee at prices that are but a fraction of what you would pay in the US. We speak English fluently and want you to feel just at home here as you do in your own residence. That way, you can enjoy getting the best treatment possible. Let us become your dental destination and let you combine your needed dental work with a wonderful vacation in our beautiful country that is right next door.

Dental Implants in Mexico:
For those interested in dental implant tourism, we have a specialist in oral surgery and dental implants. Compared to the high price of implants in the States, even in San Diego, it makes sense to come here. Our Tijuana dental implants are manufactured in the USA. Our implantologist is one of the best. We offer top quality dental implants.

San Diego – Mexico Border dentist:
People, who travel because of dental tourism in Mexico, are looking to save money. We do all our procedures at very low prices. This makes the trip to a dentist in Tijuana worthwhile. If you have dental needs, this is the best place for quality work. All you have to do is get to San Diego, and then go to the border.

Dental Tourism in Mexico:
We offer dental tourism service. Why not go to a place where you can enjoy a little vacation time? You can stay in a nice hotel, and go to the beach between Tijuana dental procedures. We can help arrange a time of rest & relaxation for you. You will have time, between visits to your Mexico dentist in Tijuana. The staff at Samaritan Tijuana prides themselves in giving attention to the patients. Let us take the pressure off by making the arrangements for your dental tourism visit. We can even pick you up at the San Diego airport. For dental tourism, Samaritan is your best connection!

Tijuana Cosmetic dentistry in Mexico is high quality:
Mexico cosmetic dentistry has always had a good reputation. The dentists at Samaritan have a lot of experience. There are a lot of people who come here, looking for an experienced cosmetic dentist, and find the answer to their needs at our clinic. At Samaritan, right next door to San Diego, you will get the same quality at 1/3 the price.

From the Staff of Samaritan:
“It has been nearly 5 years since Samaritan began offering discounted dental care to Americans, There have been over five thousand satisfied patients in that time. After having such a good result, many people have sent their family and friends to Samaritan as well. We are very happy to have been of service to so many people. We have enjoyed seeing a great improvement in the self confidence of our patients, their improved health, and even making so many new friends. We are also very proud of our staff. We feel that we have assembled a wonderful team of Mexican dentists, who are great professionals. They may be young, averaging just 30 years old, but they have a lot more experience than their counter parts of the same age on the US side. This is because there is such a demand for dental care in Mexico, our dentist are kept very busy. Because we work very closely with our dental lab, we are able to have a lot of quality control over the preparations sent in by our dentists. Our dental lab serves over 60 other clinics, but he tells us that our clinic is at the very top, with the quality of the work we send in. This is one reason we are able to give the guarantee for the work we do, because we know it is going to be done right, the first time. Also, we use top rate specialists for the work our general dentists don’t do. We have two board certified endodontists, who we schedule to do root canal therapy. and they are extremely good. We have a board certified oral surgeon as well. For dental implants, our implantologist is one of the best in this city. We feel that we have a team that will stack up against any place on the US side, and of course we don’t charge the fortune that they do. we want to say, thank you, to the very many patients who have come, and continue to come to our clinic. We hope to continue to be of service for very many years to come.”

the Management of Samaritan.

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