Is Dentistry In Tijuana Safe? How To Go About It

With its low costs and bad rap, Tijuana has always been a tricky destination for dental tourists. But whatever the media might tell you, the city is safe and has some of the best dentists in the world. Many dental practices here follow strict policies, ensuring top-quality patient care.

Read on if you still need to be convinced about the safety or security of Tijuana’s dental tourism.

Is Dentistry In Tijuana Safe?

Although there’s no easy answer regarding the safety of dental work in Tijuana, it’s generally safe. Because of all the shady and unlicensed dental practitioners in the area, they are even more reputable and qualified dentists. 

But you must be careful when working with a dental practitioner to avoid botched procedures. So, how can you tell if a dentist is legitimate in Tijuana? Perform thorough research — and go ALL the way!

Here are several things to remember when searching for a reputable dental practice in Tijuana:

Always Check the Credentials 

Ask the dentist for their license. And you’ll see that legitimate ones will always provide their proper credentials. So, remember to ask them in person besides looking at their website and confirming their qualifications there.  

Compare and Contrast 

Research different clinics and dentists in Tijuana and ask around if possible. Talk to acquaintances who had dental work done in the city or anywhere in Mexico. And once you’ve gathered enough prospects, compare their services, prices, equipment, and treatment procedures. 

Check Previous Patient Reviews and Testimonials 

Checking past patient reviews and testimonials is one of the most crucial things to do. Remember, what the dentist’s saying is only their opinion. So, always check what a dentist’s previous patients say regarding their practice. 

Following these simple tips should ensure a safer dental tourism experience in Tijuana. 

Is The Dentistry Quality In Tijuana, Mexico Good?

Since most dentists based in Tijuana get their education and training from the United States, it’s safe to say that their dental quality is good. 

As with dental treatments, quality often gets measured only after the facts.

Regarding dental tourism, the quality varies depending on the procedure and the dentist. And even if Tijuana-based dentists charge less than those in the US, that doesn’t mean they have inferior services!

Remember, the level of attention, extensive documentation, and aftercare make a huge difference!

Is Traveling to Tijuana for Dental Work Safe?

Going to Tijuana for dental treatment is as easy and secure as traveling within the United States. After all, thousands of individuals walk and drive across between Tijuana and San Diego. And going through dental work isn’t any different from going back and forth for work or study!

With the high traffic going in and out of the Tijuana-San Diego border, the local, state, and federal authorities have prioritized visitor safety and security. 

If you embrace common sense and follow the safety guidelines, your dental treatment visit to Tijuana should be safe.

What Else Should I Know Before Getting Dental Work Done in Tijuana?

If you’re traveling to Tijuana from the United States, you won’t need a passport to cross the border back in the country. Your driver’s license or birth certificate should be enough to let you return to the US without issues. 

But note that there are also passport cards for those who cross the border often. And these are only valid for crossings via land border, not flights!

As for payment, many dental practices in Tijuana accept flexible payment methods. You can pay them via credit cards, which is safer and more convenient. But note you may incur a hefty exchange rate fee!

Although you can use cash, traveling with stacks of bills is not the safest idea, regardless of your destination!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is going to Tijuana, Mexico, for dental treatment safe?

A: A common misconception about Mexican dental tourism is its lack of safety. But thousands of American patients receive top-quality dental work in Tijuana yearly. And these statistics alone should tell you how safe it is to get dental work in Tijuana.

Q: How will I know if a dentist in Tijuana has the qualifications to work on my teeth?

A: All dentists in Tijuana, regardless of race, must meet all the standards American dentists must reach. They must finish the same educational standards and hands-on experience as dental practitioners in the United States. Aside from that, all reputable dental offices must have a license, ensuring the same quality of care on both sides of the border!

Q: How do dental practices in Tijuana compare with American clinics?

A: Dental practices are similar throughout the United States, And Tijuana’s are no different! Clinics in the city are clean, professional, and equipped with the same modern high-tech equipment. Aside from that, they practice advanced sterilization techniques like those in the US. After all, American patients are a massive part of Tijuana-based dentists!

Q: What are the price differences between American dentists and those in Tijuana?

A: Although dental practices on either side of the border use the same materials, you can save much more in Tijuana! For instance, the average cost of dental crowns in the United States is between $1,200 and $2,000. Meanwhile, you can get them for as low as $200 in Tijuana!

Q: Why is dental treatment less expensive in Tijuana, Mexico, than in the United States?

A: Everything costs lower in Mexico, even without considering the currency value! Everything is lower in Tijuana than in the US, from overhead costs to employee salaries. Hence, it’s natural for the cost to patients to be very low too. Aside from that, dental schools are subsidized in the country, meaning dentists don’t need high-profit margins to pay their student loans off.

Q: Can my dental prescriptions be filled in Tijuana?

A: if you need prescription medicine after a dental procedure in Tijuana, you can fill it the same day! Many Mexican pharmacies offer lower prices than those in the United States. So, make the most of your dental trip and save on the procedure and medication. 

The Bottom Line

As long as you stick to the right places and work with legitimate dental practices in Tijuana, there’s nothing to worry about! Getting dental work in one of Mexico’s hottest cities is just as safe in the United States. So save money on your dental needs without compromising quality and safety by heading down the border today!

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