Medical Tourism

With the rising costs of medical procedures, and the increasingly limited coverage by insurance companies, especially for elective surgeries, it is no wonder that the Medical Tourism industry is exploding. At Samaritan Medical Tours, we started out doing only dental care. But we were constantly being asked by our patients for referrals for medical treatments. We have decided to do the homework for the patients, and to research the Tijuana Mexico doctors offering elective surgeries. We have looked for highly skilled doctors, at the most reasonable prices, to refer to our American patients. Since we have already been operating in Tijuana for several years, we had already started developing a network of doctors and now have dedicated much time and effort to provide the best options for medical tourism in Mexico. If you are looking for bariatric surgery, lap band surgery, a tummy tuck, or other cosmetic surgeries, we can assist you in located a skilled physician at the best prices. We can also arrange your transportation needs, and lodging requirements.