Missing Teeth Ruin A Smile. Dental Implants Can Help

Missing Teeth Ruin A Smile. Dental Implants Can Help

If you’ve lost more than one tooth, you’d naturally want to fill in the gaps! After all, not only can it affect your appearance — but it also can impact how you chew and talk. And what better way to replace missing teeth than dental implants?

Although you can go for dentures or bridges to replace missing teeth, Samaritan Dental Tijuana dentist clinic recommends dental implants. 

After all, these natural-looking dental replacements mimic your original teeth nearly perfectly. 

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are advanced medical devices that mimic the entire teeth structure well. Dentists will insert a titanium root into the bone for the implant to support crowns, bridges, or dentures. 

So, not only does the implant stay intact — but it also looks, feels, and acts like the real thing! And it can last a lifetime when properly cared for and maintained.

Dental implant technology has become the go-to tooth replacement solution due to its advantages over earlier treatments.

The Process of Getting a Dental Implant

Getting dental implants can be time-consuming, usually taking 6 to 8 months. Although long, the procedure will leave you with replacements that appear and function like natural teeth!

Since it’s a complex procedure, the placement of a tooth implant requires a well-trained, skilled, and experienced dentist to ensure precision during the installation. 

Typically, you can expect the process of getting a dental implant to go like this:


Your dentist will ask for your medical history and explain all you must know about dental implants. And yes, this includes the procedure’s cost, benefits, and treatment period.

Once you’ve got a clearer idea about dental implants, we will examine your oral health to see if you’re fit for the surgery. We’ll check if you have a sufficient jawbone, and if not, you may need to undergo bone grafting or opt for mini implants.

Tooth Extraction

If you have tooth decay or damaged teeth, your dentist will perform extractions first. Once removed, they can place the implant ASAP or wait for the surgical sites to heal.

Implant Placement 

Dental implant placement is an outpatient process done at the dental office. And like other surgeries, your dentist will administer anesthesia first to ease discomfort. 

Once the anesthesia is effective, your dentist will drill a hole into your jawbone and embed the titanium screw. And to speed up healing, they will suture the surgical site.


The recovery period for dental implants can last between 4 and 6 months. During this, your jawbone will grow around the titanium post via osseointegration. And there, it’ll form a solid anchorage, similar to your natural tooth’s roots.

Abutment Placement 

Once you’re all healed, your dentist will install an abutment, connecting the dental implant to the prosthetic component. 

Note this only applies if you haven’t had the abutment installed after implant surgery.

Crown Fitting

The last step is installing natural-looking dental crowns or other prosthetic components. They will complete the dental implant treatment. 

Although replacing a missing tooth or two may seem tedious and lengthy, it’ll last you a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible for dental implants to replace missing teeth?

A: A dentist can use a dental implant to replace your missing tooth, restoring the tooth and its root. It blends better with natural teeth than dental crowns, improving your smile. 

Q: Will dental implants look like my natural teeth?

A: Dental implants are natural-looking tooth replacements, filling in gaps left by your missing teeth. Dental practitioners have made them appear and function like natural teeth. And they’ve become so advanced that no one can see the difference between your original and implanted teeth!

Q: What’s the long-term way to replace a missing tooth?

A: Most professionals choose dental implants to replace a missing tooth. Dentists will put a metal post in place of your original tooth’s root alongside an artificial tooth. And it should look and feel natural, functioning like your original tooth. 

Q: Is getting dental implants painful?

A: Patients who don’t need soft tissue surgery or have generally strong bones shouldn’t feel much pain when getting dental implants. Typically, you may experience a pain level between 2 and 3 during the first 1 to 2 days of surgery. So, this means OTC medications like Advil or Tylenol should ease your pain!

Q: Will a dental implant last long?

A: You can consider dental implants as permanent, lasting a lifetime. After all, they serve as replacement tooth roots. And when cared for properly, you can make the implants last for the rest of your life. 

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