Multiple Implants

“All on 6”, or “all on 4” fixed dental devices mounted on dental implants

This is a procedure where 4 to 6 implants are placed, and then, after the healing period of 4 or 5 months, A dental bridge is made of zirconium, which mounts, or is screwed directly onto the implants. This is something that is fixed in your mouth, and the patient cannot remove.  It is fixed on the gum ridgeline and does not cover the sides of the gum. Nor does it cover the pallet. This is the closest to real teeth that you can get. The bridge is made of the same material that we use when making the high quality, high tech zirconia crowns. An impression is made, and a laser scan is done. The crowns are all made with computer design, and they look very real and natural. They will hold up a lot better than snap on dentures, because there are no rubber “o”-ring grommets to be replaced, and there is no stress on the implant which results when snap on dentures are removed to be cleaned. All you have to do to clean your bridge is use a water flosser, i.e. waterpik, to clean in the crevice every day, and periodically go to the dentist to have him clean it.

An “all on 6” allows you to have a full set of 14 teeth. But an “all on 4” is shorter, with only 10 teeth, because the less implants can’t support as many teeth.

Dental bridges mounted to implants:

implant_bridgesSometimes people want to replace all the teeth on the uppers or lowers with dental implants. Even with our discounted prices, it is very expensive to replace each tooth with individual implants. However, a more economic solution is to place a series of implants that serve as supports to place permanent fixed bridges of crowns. So, instead of 14 implants to replace all 14 upper teeth, we can place 8 implants with some bridges to replace 12 teeth. The result is nearly $6000 less expensive.

For 8 implants and standard porcelain bridges, to replace 12 teeth, the cash price would be less than $11,000 per arch.

Denture supported by implants:

denture_implant_1Another option that patients choose is to use a denture that is held in place by implants. A denture supported by implants has the advantage that it is immobile and does not move around at all while you talk. If we can place 4 implants in the upper mouth, then we can make a denture that does not require a piece that covers your pallet.

For 4 dental implants with a high quality denture that has been modified with receivers to snap on to the implants, the cash price would be: $5000 per arch, $10,000 for full mouth (upper and lower).

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