Photos of Samaritan Dental Tijuana

It is like going to a small town dentist office in the USA. Like all Mexico dentist clinics, things are not fancy, but everything is clean, and sterile, All the equipment is in good working order. It you want a fancy office, then go to your USA dentist clinic. You’ll pay 5 times more money, for the same work done at Samaritan Dental in Tijuana. If you want to save a lot of money, and get good quality dentistry, come here. We can get your work done quickly, if you are willing to sit long hours in the dental chair. A crown in Tijuana can usually be done by the next day. A full mouth restoration, consisting of up to 28 crowns, can be done here in a week. That is one reason people come to our dental clinic, we do things well, and in short order. Dental and medical tourism has become more and more popular, with the increased dental costs for porcelain dental crowns, gold crowns, and other dental work. Samaritan Dental is a great place for dental crown medical tourism.

As you can see from the above pictures, Samaritan Dental is not fancy, but it is a pleasant environment and is well equipped. The Dr.s have excellent training, and do very good dental work as Mexican dentists. For dental crowns and Dental-Medical tourism, there is no better place to go.

One Patients experience going to the Dentist in Mexico:

Going to the dentist in Mexico to get dental crowns, and other dental or medical work, can be quite an adventure. Here are my experiences with going to a dental clinic in Tijuana so that it may be of help to someone. The Doctors in Mexico are very skilled at placing dental crowns. They charge much less for the same dental work, than US dental offices. Mexican dentists are tops in my book.

San Diego makes an excellent travel destination for dental and medical tourism into Mexico. It is very accessible with a major airport. Flights into San Diego are very inexpensive. From the airport, one can easily get to the border on their own. There is a transit shuttle that will take you from the airport to downtown in 15 minutes. It will drop you in front of the San Diego Trolley, a light rail train. It will take you the rest of the way to the border. The charge from the airport to the border is just $5. The trip takes under one hour. After you cross the border, there are hundreds of taxis. They will take you anywhere in downtown Tijuana for $5. Getting around in Tijuana for dental or medical tourism is very easy.

For dental-medical tourism, I found several nice hotels in Tijuana. It is not worth staying on the USA side. You are just as safe in Tijuana as you are in a border hotel in the US. Crossing back into the US is a hassle because of the long line. You are better off staying in a a nicer, cheaper hotel in Tijuana. That way, you will only have to go back through US Customs one time. The nicest hotel that I have found, for the money, is the Ticuan Hotel. It is in downtown Tijuana. It is fairly new, and is very comfortable. The cost is just $50 a night for a standard room. The hotel is just 3 blocks from my Mexican dentist office. There are a lot of good eating places close by.

I was pleasantly surprised with how good the Mexican dentists work. They are not only very affordable, but my teeth turned out great. I had a lot of cosmetic dentistry done. I got 8 porcelain dental crowns in the front. Now I have a Hollywood smile. The cost was less than 1/4 of what a US dentist would have charged. If you want to see my teeth, they are the two bottom photos on the left side of this page. Go to Tijuana for dental crowns and dental or medical tourism.

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