Our Dental Staff

What kind of dentistry do you need? We have dentists for every dental need. We are often asked, “Who is the best dentist?”.  We have to answer, They all very good.  Each has have their strengths and areas that they excell in.

Here are our regular staff dentists:

Dr. Alejandra Castellanos Aguilera
Profession: Surgeon, Dentist
Education: (UABC) Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Campus Tijuana

With seven years experience as a dentist, she has worked in well known clinics with patients from the U.S.A and Canada who wanted to recover their oral health. For her, it is very important to have clear communication with the patient, as well as educate them to have the necessary information to help guide their recovery, both functionally and aesthetically. The areas of dentistry that she specializes in are prosthetics and cosmetic surgery.

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