Mike saved $21,000 on his dental work in Mexico!

Dental Tourism in Tijuana, Mexico has been a tremendous help to a lot of people. Mike is a typical blue collar worker from the Cincinnati, Ohio area, where he works in an oil refinery. Right now, as in many places, Mike has been temporarily laid off, and is on un-employment. His medical benefits are still in force, but the company dropped all dental insurance. Mike had several dental problems, and really wanted to get them fixed before his job called him back to work. He had a little money saved up, but when he went to the dentist in Cincinnati, he found that he didn’t have near enough. He needed some bridges and crowns, but just to do the bare essentials, with a price of over $1100 a tooth, the total was going to run nearly $14,000. After doing some research on the internet, Mike found that dental work was ridiculously cheap in Tijuana, Mexico. He compared prices with several dentists, and found that they were pretty universal in their low price list, but he finally settled on Samaritan Dental Tijuana. He found that they had a lot of good references from American patients who he was able to contact. Everyone told him that they were really pleased with the results. Also, Samaritan Dental employs an American agent, named Jim, to set up appointments and help with arrangements for transportation and lodging. Jim was very knowledgeable about dental procedures and what to expect in Tijuana. He was able to ease any apprehensions that Mike had. The thing that really sold Mike on going to Samaritan Dental was the price. Instead of the $1100 for a crown that the American dentist wanted to charge, at Samaritan Dental it was a little over $200. The price was so good, Mike decided to do even more work, and ended up having crowns and bridges for 20 teeth. His front 6 teeth he even upgraded to all porcelain, metal free crowns, which look amazing. Mikes smile was completely transformed! The total for his work was about $4000, but to do the same thing in Cincinnati would have cost $26,000. After taking into account his travel expenses, meals and lodging, (under $600), Mike saved over $21,000. Now when his friends ask about his trip to Mexico, Mike just smiles, and shows off his new teeth! For more information about dentistry in Mexico, check out the website of Mikes preferred dentist, Samaritan Dental Tijuana!

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