Testimonial of Bill from Ohio

Dental Tourism in Mexico: The affordable solution!

Dental Tourism in Mexico gives you the chance to get a lot of dental work done that you may have never been able to afford. Tijuana dentists are very inexpensive, and they are very good at what they do. Read on to find out more about going to a Mexico dentist in Tijuana.

Testimonial of Bill from Ohio:

Bill looked a lot older than his 63 years of age belied. The reason? His teeth were a mess. He was missing several teeth in the front, as well as some on one side. Besides that, he had several cavities, and his breath was putrid. His marriage had broken up a few years ago, and he knew he would never find someone again looking such a fright. Bill had a little money put aside and though it was time to start taking better care of him self, starting with his teeth. Sadly, when he went to a local dentist in Ohio, he found that the cost to restore his mouth was well beyond what his savings would cover, and with the economy the way it is, he just couldn’t see borrowing money. Luckily, Bill had a friend who had just come back from Samaritan Dental, a dentist in Mexico. Bill’s friend, Mike, was excited about his experience, especially the savings he realized. And Mike’s teeth looked GREAT! To have his mouth restored in the USA, Bill was going to need 24 crowns, 2 root canals, and a periodontal deep cleaning. The dentist in Ohio wanted to charge nearly $29,000. At Samaritan Dental Tijuana, the Tijuana dental price list on the website showed the prices would be only $7,500. After negotiating the price, Bill actually got a further discount of a $800, which more than covered any travel expenses. Bill went ahead went to the dentist in Mexico, and got the work done. The result was a winning smile, and a savings of over $22,000. We’ll have to wait to see if he finds the girl of his dreams! If you are interested in saving a lot of money on dental work in Mexico, please go to Samaritan Dental, your Tijuana dentist in Mexico.

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