Testimony of Betty

Quality Tijuana Cosmetic Dentistry:

Betty’s mouth was the worst for wear. She had grown up in South America in very poor circumstances, and as a result, had not had good dental care, She also had the tendency to grind her teeth at night, By the time she immigrated to the USA., she had already lost several teeth, plus many were ground down. She was a beautiful woman, until she smiled. Her smile revealed her numerous dental problems. What she needed was a complete oral rehabilitation. But, although her new husband was comfortably well off, he could never afford the more than $35,000 it was going to cost in a US dentists office, in order to crown and repair all her teeth. She began to look up Mexican dental clinics on the internet. There, she found the website of Samaritan Dental, a Tijuana dentist. Going back home to her native country was too far away, but a Mexico dentist in Tijuana was close. a Tijuana dental clinic made perfect sense. She found that the person who answers the phone to have a lot of knowledge about dental care, and he was able to give a fairly close estimate of the costs of fixing her smile. She ended up getting 8 metal free porcelain crowns, and 16 standard porcelain crowns, along with a couple of root canals for a total of under $6,500

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