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Below you will see our competitive price list for dentistry, at Samaritan Dental in Tijuana. Our prices are much less than you will find in the US, but maybe a little more than some cheap “hole in the wall’ clinics in downtown. But our dentists are all board certified, we regularly pass health inspections, have modern equipment and technology, and only use certified specialists for treatments like root canals. We have dentists that have been educated in Cosmetic dentistry, and dental implant surgery. We use a certified maxio-facial surgeon, when needed, and a certified periodontist. You get the best, when you come to Samaritan dental.

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The Price of Tijuana Dentistry costs a small percentage of what is charged in the US. We offer the best materials available, and our dentists have the best training.

Available Payment options:

We take Visa or Master Card, certified check or money order (ask our patient coordinator for payee instructions), Zelle Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Cash. If payment is made in cash, we may be able to offer you a discount, depending on the type of treatment.

Do we guarantee our dental work in Mexico? Of course, we do! 

On standard pfm crowns, we will replace it if it fractures in the first year. On solid zirconium crowns we will replace it if fractured in 5 years. If a crown or denture needs adjusting, there is no cost for that. If a dental implant fails within three years, there is no charge to replace it. But all work warranty must be done at one of our clinics, as we cannot pay an outside clinic to do our work for us.

The patient also has a responsibility to maintain good dental hygiene. No dental work will last indefinitely, especially if you don’t brush and floss properly or come in for a dental cleaning. Even a dental implant can suffer bone loss and fail, if you don’t keep it cleaned around the implant. We recommend that the patient get a waterpik and use it to clean their teeth, along with brushing, especially when you have a dental implant placed. A dental implant should last you the rest of your life, but you have to take care to have good hygiene. 

If you have dental problems that are the result of medical treatments or side effects from medication, we can’t offer a guarantee. We can’t give a guarantee for dentistry damaged in an accident. In other words, if we gave you an all new smile, and you were smashed in the mouth, we can’t be responsible, although we would try to help you out and not try to profit off your misfortune, when you already spent a lot of money.

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