4 Reasons You Should Consider Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana

Cosmetic dentistry involves all dental treatments to improve appearance. It can range from simple and minor procedures like teeth whitening to extensive and complex ones like dental crowns. And one of the leading dental travel destinations for this growing practice is Tijuana.

Let’s look at four reasons you might want to choose cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico.

Offers the Most Affordable Prices 

As expensive as cosmetic dentistry might be in the United States, it’s different in Tijuana. Going down the border can help you save up to 70% more while receiving the same high-quality treatment.

Even when you add your travel and lodging expenses, you’ll see you’re still saving more than having your teeth done in the USA/

That’s among the many reasons the traffic of individuals visiting Mexico for cosmetic dentistry is skyrocketing! 

Top-quality cosmetic dental treatment at 30% to 70% of the usual price — isn’t that an excellent reason to smile?

High-Quality Cosmetic Dental Work

Many have the misconception of cheap cosmetic dental work being automatically lousy quality, especially those from Mexico! 

Although it might be the case for some, Samaritan Dental Tijuana Dentist Center differs. 

You can receive the highest quality treatments from dentists with years of experience. Whether you want dental crowns or veneers, we have all the cosmetic dental procedures you’ll ever need!

If you have doubts, feel free to look back at our patient’s testimonials to see what they say about their experience. 

Dental & Regular Vacation 

Although your original intent for visiting Tijuana is for cosmetic dentistry, you can still enjoy your impromptu trip, right?

Dental tourism refers to traveling to another area to receive dental work. And most often, those visiting Tijuana and the rest of Mexico have the best time. 

Hence, you can enjoy affordable rates alongside a much-needed vacation while getting your teeth done — and your smile restored.

Leading Mexican City for Dental Tourism 

Famous for being one of the best cities for dental tourism overseas, Tijuana has become one of the most sought-after sites for dental vacations. 

This city is one of the many reasons why Mexico has become a famous place for getting cosmetic dental procedures.

Every day, thousands of individuals across the globe visit Tijuana for cosmetic dentistry. And since the city thrives on dental tourism in the area, expect the best treatment. 

Everything you need for dental work will be available once you set foot in Tijuana. And you don’t need to worry about money exchangers as the local currency in the vast city is US dollars. 

The border from Tijuana is less than a mile away, giving you access to all the additional services you need from the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Does Tijuana, Mexico, have good cosmetic dentistry practices?

A: The annual US dental patients visiting Tijuana should tell you how good cosmetic dentistry is in the city. After all, dentists in the town are some of the most renowned worldwide, ensuring high-quality results. And you can find more cosmetic dental specialists here, guaranteeing faster processes.

Q: Why are people going to Tijuana for cosmetic dental procedures?

A: People mainly flock to Tijuana, Mexico, for cosmetic dentistry because it is CHEAP. Even when you include your travel and lodging expenses, you save thousands more than you would have in the United States. Not to mention, Tijuana is so easy to access because it is less than a mile from the border. 

Q: Is getting cosmetic dental work in Tijuana better?

A: If you want to enjoy a high-quality treatment at low prices, getting cosmetic dental work in Tijuana is better. You can save between 50% and 70% for the procedures, which equates to thousands of dollars. So, if you wish to save a couple of bucks while maintaining your pearly whites, visit Tijuana today.

Samaritan Dental Tijuana Dentistry: The Leading Cosmetic Dentist in Tijuana

If you’ve considered traveling for quality cosmetic dental work, we can ensure there’s no better place than Tijuana. 

Samaritan Dental Tijuana Dentist Center is the area’s leading dental group and one of the most prominent in Mexico. 

We work with several dentists and specialists in our Tijuana branch, covering all your cosmetic needs. When searching for cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana, there’s no better place.
You can call us for more information about our cosmetic dental procedures, their prices, the process’s length, and the current deals we offer. And there, one of our several patient coordinators will provide you with all the information you need about cosmetic dentistry and more!

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