Patient Referral Program

Announcing our new Patient Referral Program!

Many of our patients have been so happy with the services at Samaritan Dental, they have referred a lot of patients our way. We want to thank them for their loyalty to us, and give them a reward for their help.

With this program, we will give a credit on your next dental treatments for 5% of the bill paid by the person you refer to us.

All you have to do is fill out the sign-up form to be included on our list of registered partners. Then, when the patient you referred comes in, they should note you as the person who referred them, or you can send us an e-mail to inform us that they are coming.

When you set up your next appointment, let us know that you have some referral credits, and we will discount your dental bill accordingly.

If you don’t have need of any more dental work, we can assign your credits to the person you designate.

*Referral credits will be applied for any patients you refer, after the date you sign up for our referral program.

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