The DIOnavi implant solution uses the most advanced dental technology to fully customize your new smile.

DIOnavi at Samaritan Dental

DIOnavi surgery is the newest digital navigation implant surgery through 3D computer simulation surgery as it determines the optimal surgery plan with minimal incision of surgery and less pain.
This is the up-to-date digital navigation implant surgery.

This is the newest digital navigation implant surgery which is planned the optimized 3D computer simulation surgery with the minimal incision and less pain. The optimized system to complete implant without any inconvenient impression taking can find the safe and optimal surgery path by finding out osseous tissue and nerve position precisely.

  1. Less Pain
  2. Less Bleeding
  3. No Suture
  4. No Damage
  5. No Inconvenience

What is the minimal incision surgery?

DIOnavi. is the newest technology surgery done with small hole and less swelling and bleeding unlike other incision implant surgery as it opens gingival to expose bone in case of implant surgery.

DIOnavi. is safe for the patients who suffers diabetes, high blood pressure or systemic disease. And also it is recommended for the people who lost teeth a lot or the elderly people.
In case of diabetes patient and the general incision surgery, the recovery is so slow and inflammation can be caused as it melting the bone with the risk of implant removal after surgery.

General incision surgery

Bleeding a lot and swelling accompanied. The recovery is slow and its inflammation and infection risk are high.

Minimal incision surgery

Swelling and bleeding are rare Inflammation or infection risk are less, recovery period is fast.