Ten Great Restaurants To Eat In Tijuana

Ten Great Restaurants To Eat In Tijuana

When you are in Tijuana for your dental visits and you have some free time to grab a bite after your appointment, you may need help to find a good place to eat. In Mexico you can find excellent cuisine options and a lot of variety. Here we will list 10 great food options in Tijuana that you must try.

Caesar’s Restaurant

Who hasn’t heard of Caesars salad? The famous salad was created by the italian chef Cesare Cardini at this place. One of the most famous restaurants in the city, where they serve delicious pastas, salads and more italian dishes. It is located at Tijuana’s downtown.

Location: Av. Revolución 8190, Zona Centro 22000.




Los Arcos

There is no better place to eat seafood other than Los Arcos, you can find fresh and tasty dishes there. With a lot of demand you may have to wait around 30 minutes but it’s totally worth the time.

Location: Blvd. Salinas y Escuadron 201 No. 1000, Aviación 22420.





La Espadaña

A classic in Tijuana is “La Espadaña” known for its tasteful Mexican cuisine. While you enjoy your meal you can appreciate the architecture and design of this place decorated with handicrafts.

Location: Blvd. Gral Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada 10813, Zona Urbano Rio Tijuana, 22010.





Café de la Flor

It is a very nice place where you can find a wide menu for different preferences starting from nachos, creps, paninis, sandwiches, pancakes, spaghetti and much more. If you are looking for dessert this is the place for you too, they specialized with cakes and pays.

Location: Prol. Paseo de Los Héroes 96-98, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana.



La Querencia

The concept of this place combines oriental and Mediterranean flavors with regional ingredients of land and sea. Here you can taste what is the Baja Med cuisine. In their menu you will find crab, duck, chicken, tuna, lamb and many more.

Location: Escuadron 201 No. 3110, Centro.





A traditional Sonora family restaurant, is the best grill to taste the best stakes of Mexico. In addition to this exclusive stakes you can enjoy the famous “Tortilla Sobaquera”, some classic “Frijoles Meneados”, “Chivichangas”, “Burritos de Machaca”, “Caldo de Queso” and the traditional “Coyotas”.  Ask the waiter for the wine list to combine your food.

Location: Blvd. General Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada 10631, Aviacion 22010.



Komasa is a Japanese restaurant that offers sushi, noodles, sashimi, fried rice and plenty more Japanese dishes. They have an elegant ambient with water tables. Located in a mall.

Location: Blvd. Salinas No. 11120-5A Colonia Aviación, Tijuana, 22014.





Horno 320 Zona Rio

Are you craving pizza? This place has the best pizza that is baked with oak firewood. Not only can you find pizza but also wings, sliders, pastas, salads and mini burgers. Their sangria and arctician beer is also a great choice.

Location: Blvd. Sanchez Taboada #10531, Zona Urbano Río, Tijuana.



Tacos Franc

If tacos is what you are looking for, Tacos Franc is one of the best options in Tijuana and the most famous one too. They serve great meat in their variety of tacos.

Location: Blvd. Gral. Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada, Zona Este Tijuana.




La Cayetana

This restaurant mixes techniques and influences from traditional and contemporary cuisines. In addition from dishes considered as classics you will find that the menu is updated frequently as a result of adapting to the seasons. They serve seafood, pastas, pork, duck, salads, soups, pizzas, stakes and desserts.

Location: Plaza Paseo Chapultepec, Blvd. Agua Caliente 10387

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