Top Three Tips For Root Canal Treatment and Tooth Extractions

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Top Three Tips For Root Canal Treatment and Tooth Extractions

In the last five years, Medical and Dental Tourism in Tijuana has become very popular with Canadian and U.S patients. Porcelain dental crowns, root canal and tooth extraction, especially, have become popular in the area.

There is no better place to come than Samaritan Dental. We are an incredibly well-equipped practice, with a very positive and happy atmosphere. There is no better place in the world to go for root canal or tooth extraction than Samaritan Dental in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Here are Samaritan Dental’s top 3 tips and advice for scheduling root canal treatment before we take a look at the top 3 tips for getting a tooth extraction.

Three Top Tips For Root Canal Treatment

  1. Please schedule your appointment for as early in the morning as possible (pre 10 am) to give your dentist the time they need to complete the root canal and crown impression.
  2. Make sure any pre-dental work, infection or swelling subside completely with antibiotics before travelling to Tijuana. (If you arrive with any infection, your dentist may be able to start the root canal treatment but may need to send you home until the infected area heals. You would then incur an additional trip to Tijuana to complete the treatment. 
  3. Check out this blog for more information about getting a root canal in Samaritan Medical and Dental Group, Tijuana, Mexico.

Three Top Tips for Getting Extractions

  1. Avoid taking aspirin or any other blood thinners for the three days before your extractions.
  2. You will be on a soft diet for a few days after the procedure, so make sure you feast before it.
  3. Follow all pre-operative instructions given to you previously by the dental specialist. (It wouldn’t be the first time we have had to postpone surgery as patients thought a light breakfast or a coffee would be ok in the morning of the procedure, but our dentists cannot and will not sedate anyone for extraction surgery for example, if they haven’t followed the advice and fasted for 8-10 hours prior to the treatment.)

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