What Happens If You Get Stop By The Police In Tijuana?

When you travel to Tijuana for your dental appointment, you must be sure to leave your country with the complete car documentation, such as, car registration, insurance, driver’s license and passport. This will help the authority to know that you have all the documentation of your car in order.

Every vehicle must comply with the provisions and regulations that are stated in the traffic regulations. Almost the same as in the United States, you will get an infraction if you break the law.

In Baja California the fines are divided in 4 different levels of severity. The first level are the lowest fines, it applies when you ignore a stop sign or if you don’t have your car documentation in order, they go from $80 to $400 pesos ($4.00 to $22.00 USD). The second level will be the medium fines that are for example, not wearing your seatbelt or not respecting a red light. These fines go from $400 to $800 pesos ($25 to $45 USD). Now, the third level are the high fines, you must pay up to $2,500 ($140 USD) for not respecting the speed limit or using your cell phone while you are driving. Finally there are the special fines, the most important reason why you can get one is if you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any of these fine amounts may vary depending the verdict of the judge.

If a police officer asked you to stop the vehicle he must give you a reason and tell you which article of the regulation traffic and vehicular control was violated. Then he will ask you for the documentation of the car and your driver´s license. This is important, according to the Article 105 letter G of the regulation traffic and vehicular control the officer cannot keep any of the documents mentioned. Once everything is in order and there exists a transit violation the officer would proceed to give you an infraction signed by both parts. Finally, you have to pay the ticket at Tijuana’s City hall located in Blvd. Independencia 1350 Zona Urbana Rio, Tijuana 2232.

Just remember that in Tijuana you will deal with a lot of traffic, so don’t forget to always respect the signage and drive safely!

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