What You Should Know About Dentures

Nowadays there are a multitude of great solutions to help you bite hard and smile again. From full dentures to dental implants, we offer all solutions from a single source, reliably and precisely.Modern dentures should be individually tailored to you. From your eating habits and oral care to long-term durability, there are various dental prostheses that can give you a perfectly fitting set of teeth and thus a better quality of life over the long term.

Dentures are used to replace lost teeth. The possibilities of dentistry and dental technology have seen major advancements in the last few decades thanks to new treatment methods, new technical concepts and also due to new materials.

Types of dentures

Dentures differ in how many teeth they replace (one, a few, many or all) and how they are attached (full denture, clasp denture, telescopic denture or implant-borne denture). Dentures often replace many or even all of the teeth.

In these cases, the hold of the denture is an important factor that has a decisive influence on your quality of life. Even removable prostheses are nowadays extremely comfortable to wear if oral measurements are accurately taken and the prostheses well designed.

How do dentures hold?

If you still have your own teeth, the prosthesis can be attached to them. For this purpose, brackets around the teeth, dental buttons or crown caps that fit into the prosthesis (telescopic crowns) are used.If there are no longer any teeth of your own, the prosthesis either adheres to the jaw mucous membrane by suction or two to six implants are placed, to which the prosthesis is attached with connecting elements.

The right choice of dentures

There is no general rule of thumb for selecting the optimal dental prosthesis. Every prosthetic solution has advantages and disadvantages and depends on the individual case of the patient. It is important to correctly assess the patient’s situation in each individual case.

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