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We are a Mexican Dental Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. Our staff is made up of highly-trained, board-certified dentists. 

Affordable Dental Treaments

Samaritan Dental for lower cost, and higher quality Mexican dentistry!

Mexico Dental Tourism. We are a dental clinic in Tijuana. Our goal is quality dental work at affordable prices. A big obstacle to good dental health is high costs. Our clinic costs up to 75% less than the average clinic in the USA!

Today, people can’t afford to spend a lot on their teeth. Quality care at a fraction of the cost makes sense. It is time to go to a dentist in Mexico. We offer quality dental work with honest prices. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns and dental implants.

Why Us?

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Samaritan Dental

We are one of several dental clinics, which are united to share resources and expertise to offer the highest quality in dental treatment. Over the years, we have helped thousands of patients to find dental solutions, within their means, with a happy result.

Samaritan is found in the best part of Tijuana, the Zona Rio. Some people have questioned the safety of going to Mexico, and as in any major city, there are areas that are not as nice. Near the border, and in a very clean and modern neighborhood.

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Our Dental Staff

Each has have their strengths and areas that they excell in.
Dr. Elizabeth Orozco Nave

Dr. Elizabeth Orozco Nave

Profession : Surgeon, Dentist
Education : UABC 2008, Dental Surgeon General Dentisty, Special courses in dental Implants, Cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Carolina Ruiz

Dr. Carolina Ruiz

Profession : Surgeon, Dentist
Education : UABC 2011, Dental Surgeon General Dentistry, Specialization Orthodontics, special courses in dental Implants

Silvia Gomez

Silvia Gomez

Profession : Patient Coordinator

We are located at Tijuana, Mexico

Our Dental Clinic

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