Why Dental Care Is So Important

Why Dental Care Is So Important

The mouth and eyes are one of the first things we perceive when we meet somebody, and it is probably what we give more attention to. They are our letter of introduction to the world, we show our state of health through them, our mood, our cleaning discipline or the communication with others using language.

We must be aware of the care of our teeth and fulfill an important part of our vital functions such as feeding ourselves properly, chewing and swallowing to be able to have a good digestion. The other vital function is of social kind, the communication, where we must speak phonetically well having our teeth aligned and complete. And of course, have a wonderful smile creates confidence with the people and us. Having healthy teeth will influence our self esteem on the capacity of communicate with others in an effective, fluid and pleasant way, helping us on our social level development. 

Most older people have lost a lot of teeth and do not have a proper restoration, their diet is often affected because they cannot chew effectively. Because of these circumstances, they are usually forced to follow a liquid, or soft, which negatively influences their quality of life.

We know that a mouth that is not healthy could suffer from halitosis (bad breath), which will most likely influence the social relationships of the affected person, their interaction with others, as well as their self-esteem.

If we take care of the whole body with care, we should extend that care to the mouth as well, brushing properly three times a day (or more, as the dentist tells us), eating a balanced diet, using dental floss, doing a professional dental cleaning every 6 months and going to a review with the dentist periodically to detect any problems that may arise early.

Dental cleaning is one of the simplest treatments of all those performed in dentistry but yet a very important one, its objective is to eliminate the bacterial plaque and tartar accumulated in the teeth, the gingival line and the interdental spaces. This is a very short procedure that lasts between 30 or 40 minutes. In this process, the dentist could notice any kind of important situation about your dental health. This way he can notice you in advance about the problems that he finds in your teeth and mouth. We have the most qualified dentists in our clinic that can take good care of your teeth.


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