Why this is the best time to go to a Tijuana dentist in Mexico for dental work

Everyone is going through tough times economically right now. We are all looking for ways to cut back. When it comes to dental care, we often put things off, but in reality, eventually things need to be taken care of. A lot of people have lost their dental insurance, or never had any. If you need dental work done, and have gone to get a check up anywhere in the USA, you probably were shocked at the prices they quoted. That is the main reason people go to a dentist in Mexico for dental care, they are hunting for a bargain.

Right now is an exceptional time to go to a Tijuana dentist in Mexico for dental care. . Since the economy has slowed here, there are fewer people going to the dentist in Mexico, just as here. That has caused even more competition in Mexico for the fewer amount of patients crossing the border. Most Mexican dentist clinics will have their prices posted on their web site; however, as with everything in Mexico, there is always room for negotiation. You can always ask for their best price or a discount. If it is for minor things, they may not budge too much, but if it is for major work, they will most likely come up with a better price. So, for that tooth you need to have crowned, and the US dentist told you would cost $1000, you can probably get it done, with everything, for under $250 in Mexico. The Mexican dentists are hurting too, and they would rather make less profit, and at least keep busy make something.

Just keep in mind one thing, and that is, don’ jump at the lowest price. Keep in mind that some Mexican dentists might not be as honest as they should, and tell you that you need things that you don’t. Both integrity and skill level are important. It is always a good idea to ask for references, and then check them out. One clue to consider is, you can often tell by the quality of their web site, what kind of pride they take in their work.

The Tijuana dentist, (dentista en Tijuana), clinic I have found in Mexico that has met all my expectations is Samaritan Dental in Tijuana. These dentists in Tijuana are very professional and do an excellent job. Also, I have found that not only did they have good prices, but that they were willing to work with me and gave a discount on the work they did.

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