Why Tijuana Mexico

Here are some reasons why a person might consider Mexico, as their prime source for dental care.

1. Savings. Because of the system in America, the costs in America have gotten out of hand. The education of a dentist in the USA is out of sight, and a dentist will graduate with a huge debt load of student loans that have to be paid back. Also, the costs of operation are so very high. Rent, salaries, workman’s comp for employees, taxes, insurance, and especially malpractice insurance, all combine to make a dental practice have a huge overhead. However, in Mexico a dentist gets just as good an education, but does not have to pay but a fraction of the cost for that education. The overhead, the rent, the salaries, etc are all minimal in comparison, so that a dentist in Mexico can still make a good profit charging much less. The average costs for dental work in places like Tijuana, Mexico, where the vast majority of Americans go to for dental care, is about ¼ of the costs in America. For example, a standard porcelain crown in Mexico costs $225, where as the same thing in the US will average over $900. A root canal costs just $225 in Mexico, compared to $1,150 in the States.

2. Dental Tourism in Mexico means top quality. Most people have the misconception that everything in Mexico, or any other foreign country is backward and low tech. The truth is, especially in Mexico, the dentists have just as good an education in dentistry as an American dentist. The equipment is often state of the art, or at least modern and of good quality. But one factor that most people fail to realize is that practice makes perfect, and because of the extremely high volume of work done, the Mexican dentists along the border, especially in Tijuana, are very good at what they do.

3. For dental tourism, there is ease of access to Mexico, especially Tijuana. Because Tijuana is located just on the other side of the border from San Diego, California, it is very easy to get there. This is true not just because it is so close to the 37 million people of CA, but also to everywhere else in the USA. For some reason, t it is cheap to get a flight to San Diego Airport.

4. Our clinic is located in the nicest part of the city. A safe environment can be provided. Tijuana has gotten a lot of bad press because of the conflicts between drug cartels. Although this has been a problem over 6 years ago, the violence is way down, as the new President of Mexico has really cracked down on the drug trafficking. If fact, the violent crimes in Tijuana is only 1/3 of the crime rate in Los Angeles, CA., and only 1/5 the murder rate per 1000,000 as New Orleans, LA. When there were problems, the US press failed to point out that there has been a lot of drug related violence in all the major cities in the USA, as well as lots of gang violence, and that Tijuana hasn’t been nearly as bad as many US cities. People who get into trouble in Tijuana are the same ones who get into trouble in L.A. or any other major US city, they are the ones who are going out night clubbing, and buying drugs, looking for hookers, and hanging out with the bad elements. The regular person who comes for dental treatment is not near the trouble zones of the city. Most hotels have night watchmen patrolling outside at night, and security is good.

5. Lodging is inexpensive, the food is great, there are fun things to do, and it makes a great place to just have a little vacation while you are having treatments. There are some nice moderate hotels for around $40. Also, the food is very good. There is everything from seafood places, to traditional Mexican food, to Italian, to America. They even have all the junk food places like McDonald’s or Wendy’s. In Tijuana, the beach is not too far, and many people like to get a nice, yet inexpensive, room near the beach. There are a lot of shops and it is very relaxing. There are several shuttle buses that will take you down to Rosarito beach or Ensenada to go and hang out while you are waiting for your lab work to get done. All in all, Tijuana is a nice place to take a dental vacation.

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